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Sponsorship Opportunities


Won’t you join our community?

Become a Sponsor

Join our growing community of sponsors who help Oshawa capture and cultivate music, art and culture for all ages and performance genres.  Maximize your brand awareness and community loyalty with superior return on investment packages that showcase an inclusive variety of community entertainment programming.

Sponsor Benefits

As an official sponsor, your brand will be featured on various media throughout the year, including print and visual media, internet and radio, live streaming productions and in-house advertising mediums.  Flexible packages may also include special events, corporate functions and entertainment, admission packages as suited to your needs.

Performance Sponsorships


Generally single show performances, your company will be recognized on media and advertisement up to the show performance as a co-sponsor.  As a performance sponsor your corporate visibility in the community will be showcased and enable you to provide a corporate entertainment package for your employees, customers and guests. Prices vary according to the artist but generally range from $5000 to $10,000 per performance.


Series Sponsorships


Series are generally 4 to 6 performances per season or genres.  Your sponsorship will bring recognition of your inclusive diversity and a lead supporter of culture and art in your community.  Series sponsorships provide for longer duration or repetitive promotion throughout the year.

Series available include Family, Concert, Emerging Artist, Blues/Jazz (all subject to availability)

Series package sponsorships range from $10,000 to $25,000.

Do you have an idea for a series that isn’t named?  Contact us to get us on board!


Facility Naming Rights

Are you looking for a more permanent type of sponsorship?  The Biltmore Theatre has a number of internal spaces available for corporate sponsorship on an annual basis. 

YOUR name will be featured in live and live stream events from the venue throughout the year.  Longer term packages may be available upon request.

YOUR full venue is licensed for a capacity of 598 per event and live stream or broadcast performances have unlimited potential viewability.  Sight-lines to the main stage are mostly unobstructed with signage space available front of stage, left or right of stage, or hanging stage backdrop, when available.  Stage area will be featured in all recordings/live stream events.

YOUR mezzanine/VIP area is tastefully decorated in a relaxing lounge setting with two intimate wing areas, separate bar, washrooms, and available bottle service.  This space can be complete separated from the lower/main level for small intimate functions, meet and greets, wine and cheese socials, wine tastings, corporate functions, etc.  A separate sound system and DJ both are available for private functions.

YOUR musician’s green room is a secluded area for performers to relax and get ready for the stage.  It’s not generally seen by the public but a great place and way to advertise to both local and touring musicians.

YOUR main floor stand up bars on the east and west sides of the venue provide an ideal focal point for any advertiser!  Packages could include your name on serviettes, disposable glasses, menu cards and signage.  Maybe you want a drink named in your honour!

YOUR Production booths are located on the main floor and include a combined Lighting and Video booth and an independent Audio booth.  Associate your name with the sights and sounds of our live events and live stream productions.

Would you like to be our OFFICIAL hotel?  We hope to see touring bands again in the future and may have visiting patrons who need a place to stay.  Talk to us about programs to offer discounts to our traveling patrons and bands and advertising for your hotel.

Sponsor the print at home ticket, and have your name and logo displayed on print and e-ticket vouchers for every event!

Partner up for safety, and become our official Taxi and/or DD Service!

Contact us for more information and to become part of the future Downtown Entertainment scene.



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